Nicola Barnes

I am a botanist and am currently employed by Natural Resources SAMDB. I have a passion for native plants, in particular the small wildflowers and shrubs. I have been photographing native plants for about 10 years and started to paint them when I did a beginners watercolour course in Melbourne in 2013. I love painting small native plants and find it encourages mindfulness and reaffirms my connectedness with nature. 

Stephanie Evans

My place is a farm at Mercunda in the majestic Murray Mallee and I am connected to Natural Resources SAMDB as a member of the NRM Group. I love to seize any opportunity to share my imagination and ideas as inspired by the fluidity of the textures, colours and forms in my amazing environment. It’s the only time when realism becomes subordinate to emotional exuberance. 

Denise Fowles

Living in Murray Bridge I am lucky enough to enjoy the beauty of the River Murray every day and see the morning mists and the spectacular sunsets. My garden is full of birds, plants and other creatures that enrich my environment and bring life to my surrounds. The travel I do with my work provides the opportunity to see the natural beauty the region has to offer through all its seasons and heightens my awareness of how very special our planet is. We are one component of a delicately balanced natural system that we should treasure and nurture each and every day. 

Anna Horsman

I live in Murray Bridge near Long Island reserve and spend a great deal of time there on the water. Pelicans are a part of the landscape there and are often around the jetty fishing. They look so wise, as if they have a story to tell, this inspired me to draw a peaceful pelican, contemplating its next move.

Sarah Lance

I live in Murray Bridge and am the District Manager Ranges to River with Natural Resources SAMDB. I have worked across the Murray-Darling Basin in a variety of environmental roles working closely with biodiversity, farming and regional communities. I love nature, the details and the variety of colours, shapes and textures. I was brought up being able to play in the scrub, to watch and sometimes even catch wildlife and enjoy the fresh air outdoors. To this day I prefer being able to sit outside, breathe deeply and being able to play these days means, drawing, painting or making something, it is just a fabulous way to relax! 

Kate Mason

My name is Kate Mason and I’m the Wetland Management Officer at Natural Resources SAMDB. My patch is the last reach of the River Murray between Lock 1 at Blanchetown and the barrages at Goolwa and what inspired me to get involved in 'Nurturing Nature' is my time spent working in dry wetlands during drought. 

Phil McNamara

I live in the Adelaide Hills with my wife, Carmel, and daughter, Darcey. I am a project officer with Natural Resources SAMDB. My artwork ‘From Red to Blue’ is a collection of drawings for my novel, Red Reflection. Red Reflection is about a young woman, Ellin, who is dying and writing to her new born daughter, Little El. She reflects fondly on the past (the Red) but withdraws from the new way the People live (the Blue). She lives secretly on the last Woodland hill and spends her final days writing and drawing to Little El in the hope that she will grow to be a great poet and change the world. 

Helane Norman

I live and work in the Karoonda area and enjoy being outdoors, gardening and working with wood when time allows. It was fascinating to see the natural vegetation recover from the Billiatt fire in 2014. I have worked for Natural Resources SAMDB for the last 12 years in administration and have enjoyed seeing and learning about natural resources in our region. 

Eliza Rieger

Glancing sideways out the car window as I drive through the Mallee I catch glimpses of the roadside veg, the thin bands of natural landscape which intermittently bulk out to a scrubby paddock or reserve.

I love how this vegetation causes me to imagine how the landscape may have looked or acted thousands of years ago. The smells, the tastes, the fear and the beauty of the hot sandy countryside. It’s amazing that these thin strips of ‘roadside veg’ are enough to bring out the inner imaginings of my inner explorer. Even in patchy side glances nature manages to expose sides of yourself that no person or belonging ever could. 

Gioia Small

I am a South Australian Murray-Darling Basin Natural Resources Management Board Community Member and look after Sustainability for one of the world’s largest premium wine companies. My work means that I am constantly looking at nature, its value to our economy and what it provides to society.

Nature and art go hand in hand. Artists draw inspiration from nature – it is those moments when the light hits a landscape and you capture the most amazing photo or when you work with metals that have been taken from the earth and craft them to provide humans with visually pleasing pieces of wearable art.

The pieces I have chosen for the 2016 SALA event reflect the shapes, elements and visual experiences that have enriched me over the year.

Jem Tesoriero

I live and work in Murray Bridge and am part of Natural Resources SAMDB’s Community Engagement team. I am lucky enough to see a lot of this beautiful part of the world and even after many years am still regularly amazed at how stunning it can be.

Although I like most kinds of art, I particularly enjoy photography. A good photograph relies on both a great subject (even though amazing images can come from ordinary things) and the photographer’s skill and interpretation. I enjoy both biding my time for the right photographic conditions to come together at a local place (angle of the sun, clouds etc), and also those opportunistic shots that might not be perfect but capture something special about a moment in time.

If you want to keep track of my photos I regularly post them on Instagram – my username is jemtes76!

Monique White

I am the current Ranges to River NRM Group Chair, I grew up in a home at Mannum that overlooked the River Murray and the Cowirra dairy flats. As a child we enjoyed the river for recreation but understood little about it and the landscape that surrounds it. Through an Agriculture degree I learned about landscapes ecology and agricultural sustainability building a career focussed on enabling landholders to farm profitably and sustainably. This photo reflects my career in Murray Bridge working with the Dairy community to protect the River.

Debbie Wilkinson

I’ve lived at Mannum for 16 years and see the river every morning as the sun rises or the spectacular colours of the cliffs opposite, as it sets.  Since transitioning to South Australian Murray-Darling Basin NRM Board in January 2006 from Mid Murray APCB and then later to Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, my primary involvement in natural resources management has been by supporting the Ranges to River and Rangelands NRM Groups in an administrative capacity.  My exhibits travel a journey of new life and an awareness of nature from that experience.